Election Day 2017 was far more low key than last year’s tumultuous election, but there was still big news. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was re-elected with 66.5% of the vote, according to results from The Associated Press. The mayor’s most serious challenger, Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis, received 27.8% of the vote, carrying only her home borough of Staten Island.

November 8 marked one year since Donald Trump was elected president. Many students were surprised at hearing how much time has passed. “Oh my God. One year is enough,” said Fernando Diaz, a student at Parsons. Some students looked to the next general election. “I hope he doesn’t get another term in another three years,” said Crystal Ellington, a student at Lang. Here’s what New Schoolers thought about the most recent elections, as well as the first year since Donald Trump was elected president.

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Seung Won is the Video Editor for the New School Free Press and currently a senior at Lang majoring in Journalism+Design and minoring in Visual Studies. Born and raised in North Jersey, Seung Won has embraced and mastered the commute into the city, seamlessly weaving through crowds and covering miles of distance without breaking a sweat. When not in transit, Seung Won likes playing music on his guitar, sipping through several cups of coffee, and chillin’ with his cat on the weekends.