Fashion on 5th is The New School Free Press’ weekly fashion column showcasing the student’s best and most unique looks of the week.

Halloween at The New School isn’t really that different from other days — you’re just slightly more confident that it’s a costume instead of an aesthetic. Bundle up, but make it spooky. The scariest thing about today? It’s only Tuesday.

Jiayi Li, a freshman studying fashion design at Parsons, was dressed as a “horror girl.” She bought the jacket from a thrift store and the rest of the outfit from Taobao. Ji said the makeup took about 20 minutes. When asked if she was going anywhere special, Ji said, “No, we’re going to lunch because I have class later.”


Mikki McCann, a sophomore studying fashion design at Parsons, was dressed as a devil. The pants were her friend Sarah’s and the sweatshirt was from back home in Australia. The hat was purchased from one of the two Halloween stores on Fourth Avenue, though she altered it herself. As for her final costume plans, McCann said, “I’m going somewhere tonight, but I’m not wearing this.”


Dominic Gibson, a freshman studying fashion design, was dressed as Clark Kent changing into Superman. Superman is “the only DC character I really like,” Gibson said. He’s had this blazer since middle school. “I was a lot bigger in eighth grade, so basically I shrunk into it.” Gibson emphasized the casualness of his costume. “A lot of this stuff is just stuff I had around the house. Like I wear these jeans on the daily.”


Ray Xia, sophomore studying fashion design at Parsons, was dressed as Gintoki Sakata, the main character from the anime Gin Tama. Xia ordered the wig and costume from Amazon.


Caroline Brammer, a freshman singer at the School of Jazz, dressed as a shooting star. The coat was her roommate’s. Brammer made the crown as well as the top, which she wore to prom. The necklace was from Etsy, and the earrings were her friend’s. Brammer said the full costume would come out later this evening. “My full costume for tonight is a little more extra.”


Photos by Orlando Mendiola / Illustration by Ashlie Juarbe

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