Tarotscopes are written with the intent to entertain, inspire and provide insight to individuals. The following are meditations on thematic elements and stories presented by the Smith-Waite Tarot. These are organized by astrological sign. For more insight, feel free to check your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.


XVII The Star

The Star card is one of joy, love, and ultimate freedom. The card depicts a nude figure, indicating the vulnerability and openness that comes with this card. Stars are life forces. They have seemingly endless amounts of energy. That energy is channeled through creative pursuits and emotional honesty. The Star card indicates a period of time where it feels safe to release emotions and be completely honest. You may enter a time in which self expression is more accessible, Aries (not that you have a hard time with that). New creative outlets like writing, visual art, and music might feel like the perfect outlet. A person ruled by this card has one foot in the real world and one in their subconscious realm, exploring the depths of their emotions. This shows a period of intense healing, Aries.


VI The Lovers

The Lovers card is one of balance, harmony, and of course, love.  This card also talks about choice. The Garden of Eden imagery suggests that this choice is between seizing the knowledge available to you or remaining in ignorant bliss. This card speaks to one’s ability to step outside of themselves and recognize how their parts work together. Drawing this card indicates a period of time in which you may be quite introspective, Taurus. The Lovers is in many ways about recognition. Whether this means recognizing different aspects of yourself or recognizing yourself in another person is up to you. You may find, Lover, that the two often go hand in hand.


King of Swords

The King of Swords is quite appropriate for an air sign like Gemini. The element of air is represented by swords in the Tarot and encapsulates communication, intellectual thought, and sometimes conflict. The King of Swords takes his ideas and puts them into the world. He does not mince words. Rather, he is direct and communicative. He understands that his power lies in his ability to communicate and feels responsible for using his verbal abilities to incite change in his community. This card comes up to indicate a time in which someone feels in control of their thoughts and communication style, and is not backing down from challenges. There is a stubbornness that allows this person to hold their ground in the face of an aggressor. This may be a time when you take root in your intellect, Gemini.


II of Wands

The Two of Wands is a card that expresses a feeling of longing. The person in this image lives in a castle. While they have built steady foundations and are surrounded by beauty and abundance, still their eye wanders. This card indicates there has been success for Cancer in establishing themselves in their environment. On an emotional level, this card indicates someone who attempts to shield themselves from pain and now suffers a lack of connection. They have divested in the risk that accompanies emotional vulnerability, and are now left wondering about what could have been. The individual in this scene holds the world in the palm of their hand, but it is only a small replica. This person peers out into the unknown, lusting after real adventure. What else is out there, Cancer?


IV of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles encapsulates the feeling of being stuck. This person holds onto their coins in a manner that restricts all movement. There is a desperate need for security, be it physical, emotional, or material. This card can indicate a period of time where letting go of a relationship, a set of values, or material comforts is proving difficult. There is a heaviness and stress that accompanies this card. It is possible that this sense of being bound is coming from internal or external circumstances. This card calls on Leos to ask themselves what they could possibly value more than freedom.


III The Empress

The Empress card represents the feminine qualities of creativity, sensuality, and emotion. The person depicted represents free-flowing emotions and a fearlessness in giving and receiving emotional connection. This figure represents a vessel for life in the form of literal pregnancy or simply creative energy associated with nature. This combination signals to a period of time in which one takes to solitude, spending time in nature, meditating, and developing creatively. The Empress is a mother-like energy, as is the sign of Virgo. Care and attention is powerful. This period of time could be one in which one assesses where their nurturing energy is directed.


Ace of Swords

Happy Birthday, Libra! The Ace of Swords represents the suit of swords in their purest form. Swords are emblematic of the air element in tarot. They represent our intellectual energy, communication, and sometimes, our conflicts. As air signs, the Ace of Swords is likely a comfortable energy for Libras to reside in during the beginning of this month. This card can indicate a stroke of genius or a period of time when communication is smooth and new ideas arrive with ease. Clarity and decisiveness is granted to the person who pulls this card. This is an excellent time for writing, interviews, planning, and having those difficult conversations that are necessary. Libra is represented by the scales, a symbol of justice and balance. As you wear a birthday glow this month, what are the ways in which your communication skills can ensure fairness for yourself and your community?


XIV Temperance

The Temperance card talks about balance. This angelic figure is passing water from one chalice to another in a magical, gravity-defying manner. They have one foot in the water, the underworld, the dream realm, while their golden locks are out in the sunshine, the external, physical world. They are taking the desire they feel on a deep emotional level and transforming it into things they can create in their life. This card indicates a period of time in which one must reckon with themselves about the person they present to the world. This card may come up during a period of deep contemplation of one’s past trauma or learned emotional patterns. This is one step on a journey one has chosen to embark on. Now it is essential to ask, is your image true to who you feel you are, Scorpio?


VIII of Wands

Raw, unbound energy, Sagittarius. This card depicts wands flying through the air in a linear fashion. This card comes up to indicate a moment in which one is rapidly moving or changing. This is perhaps a physical move or a quick change in plans. All of these wands are headed in a single direction, indicating that one’s effort is focused on a specific goal, place, or person. These are sometimes referred to as the arrows of love, after all. These wands will soon reach the ground, symbolizing the grounding or solidification of one’s efforts. This period of time is a short one in which projects come to completion.


IV of Wands

The Four of Wands depicts a group of people celebrating in the sunshine. This scene is reminiscent of a marriage ceremony and represents the most optimistic qualities of a civil union. Marriage can represent a patriarchal tradition, a monogamous prison, or a state ordained right that privileges heterosexual union over all else. At its best however, it can be a celebration of love, trust, and joy. This card indicates a period in which one breaks free from structural limitations in order to get to the root of what it is they started in the first place. This card asks one how they may release that which is expected of them in order to reconnect with their desire.


IX of Pentacles

This card oozes femininity, Aquarius. Depicted here is a person in her element. She is alone in nature, taking time to soak in the healing properties of fresh air, sunshine, and solitude. This card indicates a time of self care and taking time alone. This card talks about what it means to cultivate your space. You may be feeling inspired to clean up your physical area, get rid of old clothes, or rearrange the furniture. This indicates a time when it feels important to clear out the old in order to create a nourishing environment for the things you want to grow moving forward. This is a very creative energy and you are being decisive about the specific ways you want your projects to manifest in the world. Moving forward, what and whom are you allowing in your garden?


VIII of Swords

This card is one of stagnation, Pisces. Depicted here is a person bound and blindfolded, left in the muck. This swamp full of swords indicates feeling unable to cope with one’s problems. This is a time when things are not progressing and one may feel an inability to change this. This figure has been left alone to defend for themselves and cannot make the first move. This card comes up to indicate a time when someone is being left to pick themselves up from a trying situation with no assistance. It is not fair, but it is not impossible. These ties that bind can be removed. One must simply make that first move.

Illustrations and gif by Ashlie Juarbe

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