The lights in elevator car 8 in Kerrey Hall keep turning on, a sign that the broken car is set to start running again. Starting Wednesday, the middle elevator in the dorm, which houses 617 students, should be operating, according to the Facilities Department. That should relieve the elevator traffic that has plagued students since classes began.

“I usually leave twenty minutes before I need to be somewhere,” said Violet (Sohyun) Kim, a Parsons fashion design sophomore who lives on the fourteenth floor. “But when it’s crowded, I’ve been stuck waiting for a half hour.”

The elevator doors sustained significant damage this summer after an incident involving several students.

“The FDNY was called to extricate the students and during that process the elevator doors were badly damaged,” the Facilities Department said in a the statement to The New School Free Press. “The parts necessary for the repairs were long lead items and only recently arrived.”

Repairs for the elevator began two weeks ago and, according to Facilities, should have been completed last week.

With only two elevators working, residents in the dorm have been left with long waiting times as the elevator skips the sixth floor, which connects to the University Center, when cars are full.

“I moved into Kerrey Hall because I thought it would be a lot quicker and easier,” Matthew Cook, a Parsons sophomore in the fashion department said. “Now with the elevator situation, it’s just as bad as living at Stuy, to be quite honest.”

Illustration by Ashlie Juarbe

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