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The main energy for you in the coming weeks is one of balance. There are two somewhat opposite but important aspects of yourself at work, Aries. The idealism, the softness, and the femininity that is causing you to daydream about your love life is met with the forcefulness, the strength, and the attitude you embody in relation to your education. While these seem at odds, in actuality, they rely on one another. If you did not have this vision of how excellent life could be, you would not have the drive to create this in your surroundings. This is a time when you are learning how to exhibit strength and softness together and how to reconcile elements of yourself that can contradict.


The main energy of your reading for the beginning of September has to do with duality and progression. You will always have a need for balance, Taurus. There will always be a need to make decisions and prioritize. It is when the choices you make are grounded in your emotional fulfillment, your passion, and your ability to see things to their resolution that you can dedicate yourself to an endeavor. This is a time of mastering the art of you, Taurus. Your art, studies, decision making, and follow through are all up for review- in no one’s line of sight but your own.


The overall energy for Gemini in the beginning of September is a mental one. There is an emphasis on fairness, doing right by one’s self and one’s community. This is a time when you are assessing past events that have led to this moment in your own life and deciding how to move forward. You are accepting responsibility for past actions and setting clear intentions for the future. This is a time when getting organized is a source of empowerment.


Your overall energy for the beginning of September is one of movement, swiftness, and excitement. The love that is permeating this entire reading is responsible for new growth in projects, relationships, and within. The advice here has to do with your attitude, Cancer. When their love turns into attachment and neediness, Cancers can become bitter and resentful. In focusing on what you have lost or what you lack, you sabotage yourself. So take the high road in arguments and take a lighter approach to issues that come up for you in the next weeks. You possess the power to walk away from pain with knowledge, rather than attempting to nail it down until it loves you back. A mix of retreat and light hearted connection with others will provide refuge for you this month. Learning with courage, not only about your world but about yourself is what grounds you when turbulent emotions rouse you. Wipe your hands clean of it, Cancer.


The main energy for these next two weeks is one of intellectual expansion. Your mission is one of education, learning, and exploring new wells of information that make you feel alive. This is where you find freedom. Here is where you leap into the unknown. In changing one way that you have been going about learning, you open up new sources of inspiration. It is essential to release past failures, as this is a significant few weeks, month, whole season for you, Leo. You are reviewing past experiences in order to steer you in a new direction. This is why it is important to own your lessons, rather than fret over what could have been. Everything you have done up to this point has played a necessary role in your progress. You may experience strokes of genius and big realizations concerning your path of study, life purpose, career, and love life. You are ruled by the heart, Leo, meaning your emotions and passions can both catalyze and halt the moves you are making.


The overall energy for Virgo entering September has to do with grasping life. Virgos are set to get their hands dirty, get to the bottom of things that bother them, and seize opportunities as they come. Your power is in your hands- literally and metaphorically. Virgo is a mental sign, and this is often just the thing that tears them apart. A move towards the physical will lighten your load a bit in the next few weeks. Love what you do, commit to the work that uplifts you, do things that you can complete in a day and then hang them on the wall! It will take all of your strength to lift yourself out of any sort of funk you have been in. Oh, but how right it will feel when you get your hands on it, when your fingernails are left filthy.


Appreciate your gifts, Libra! This period of time brings a wave of gratitude to your awareness. There is an underlying need for Libra to feel prepared for what is to come. This temptation to cling to perfection is a defense mechanism. You are abundant indeed Libra, but you are not perfect. Failure is part of the process. You can appreciate yourself for sitting comfortably in your mistakes. Resisting the part of yourself that wants to tear you to pieces is an act of courage. The things you take pride in may look different during these few weeks.


The overall energy for you in the next few weeks indicates a period of rest. You lay dormant as you contemplate your mission, your quest, your success, and what lies ahead. Scorpios are very creative and career focused at the beginning of September, carefully scheming and peeping more than they let on. You are reaching a point of completion in the work realm and feel it is time to plan ahead. What new values have you gained from this healthy work situation? What do you now require for yourself and your environment? You won’t be doing someone else’s bidding forever, so what lies ahead for you as an individual?


The overall energy for the first half of this month highlights the drive you feel towards justice. You are gaining a spiritual understanding of what it means to do right in the world. You are being entrusted with the freedom to fight injustice however you see fit. For a Sagittarius, this means creatively and with zest. You understand how to balance care with passion. This understanding that you are being granted is partnered with a sense of duty: to society, to your loved ones, to yourself. The insight you gain at this time is not for your self-knowledge alone, rather it is to be enacted into the world. The 7th-11th may be the time when this is most apparent.


Amongst so much change, Capricorn, the energy for the beginning of September deals with exploration of the unknown. What is hiding within you and in your midst that you are curious about? This is a great time to pay attention to dreams and explore through writing or another creative venture. Thoughts concerning your deep past and cycles of behavior could rise at any time within these few weeks. Being honest about these often subtle parts of yourself is what gives you power this month.


Overall, these next two weeks bring an energy of expansion for Aquarians. Where are you headed next? Wanderlust may be driving your decisions at this time, which explains a resistance towards commitment. Aquarians may feel hesitant in the realms of school and love because these do not seem like places from which you can expand. Do not fret! In bringing curiosity to relationships and learning opportunities, you will feel that sense of expansion whether you can physically transport or not. Your advice for the first half of September is to loosen up. This entails everything from your joints to your expectations. It may seem like you are losing a lot at this time but do not fear destructive energy. You are exiting a purging process so that you can slide right into the next phase of your life. Forget the old stuff, you can get new stuff.


Overall, Pisces are getting organized. Sizing up what they know and what they do not know. These next two weeks give Pisceans a peek into what they truly desire on a larger scale, for their career, relationships, their community. This includes letting people know how they can and cannot treat you, making plans, and letting others come to you. Your advice for the beginning of this month is to have some fun. Play, create, explore. You are being incredibly decisive about who means most to you- so show them with your attention and time! The 5th may be a significant date for you when it comes to your decision making. You are not wasting a bit of energy, but don’t forget that frolicking is not time wasted at all.

Illustrations and gif by Ashlie Juarbe

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