The New School has cancelled class on Tuesday, March 14 due to yet another snowstorm expected to hit New York. This is the second snow day of the semester for students.

According to the National Weather Service, total snowfall could accumulate to 12 to 20 inches and winds could reach up to a dangerous 50 mph throughout the day.

The falling snow, in combination with these winds, will create whiteout conditions, with little to no visibility, discouraging any travel especially on roads.

Snow is predicted to begin falling at around midnight, picking up intensity tomorrow morning at 6 a.m, falling at a rate of 2 to 4 inches per hour, according to the NWS. Temperatures will drop to around 20 degrees by the late evening.

The official Twitter account specified that it was the New York campus that would be closed. In February, the school-closing announcement created some confusion for students in Paris.

The University Center will be open 24 hours Monday evening and Tuesday with the exception of the library and printing services, according the New School Website. The Schwartz Dining Commons will be open tomorrow from 9am to 7pm.

Other campus venues, including the Lang Cafe, will be closed tomorrow.

The university is expected to return to regular hours on Wednesday, March 15. Further information will be listed on The New School website and Twitter page.

Photo by Orlando Mendiola

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