With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, The New School Free Press sat down with students to discuss love and dating at the university and in NYC.

In the first episode of this podcast mini-series, BA/FA sophomore, Holly Parkin talks about finding love at the New School and explains why dating at a small university may not be the smartest thing to do. Parkin also offers some advice on approaching relationships and navigating the obscurities of online dating in New York City.

On this episode, Lang seniors Samantha Roy and James Mosser tell us how their nerdy academic interests as friends led them to become a New School couple. The two talk about the struggles of starting a relationship and the ease of maintaining one, especially when two people are in it for the “right” reasons.

On the last episode of this podcast mini-series, Lang junior Jake Seferian talks about sex, both queer and straight. “I’m into casual sex but the sex can’t feel casual,” Seferian said. He writes for a regular weekly column at killerandasweetthang.com, which explores queer-millennial sex culture, and he brings his expertise and voice into the conversation of sex in New York City.

Art by Alex Gilbeaux

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